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Me with Letter Aracari, Amazon Forest, Peru 2013

Hello and welcome to my blog. This is going to be my photographic and wildlife sightings website, where I will post regular updates and images of wildlife and the natural world which I encounter when I'm outdoors. I am originally from County Louth in Ireland, studied 3 years Countryside Conservation at Aberystwyth University and now living on the outskirts of Sherborne in Dorset.

I am a wildlife conservationist with a great passion for birds, wildlife photography, bird-ringing, moth-trapping and conservation. I have been an avid wildlife photographer for many years and always had a passion for capturing birds in their natural environment. I have been birding since a very young age and love the experience when out birding to constantly learn more about birds and learning about their conservation and ecology. 

As a keen birder and wildlife enthusiast, I have travelled across Ireland, Britain and Europe in search of birds and wildlife. I have birded in Switzerland, Spain in recent years and in 2013 went on a months expedition to the Amazon rainforest in Peru, carrying out scientific research on rainforest biodiversity, At present I have seen 315 birds in the UK and over 670 species in the world as a total.

I am at present a trainee bird-ringer and working towards a C permit. I have been a ringer since 2010 and worked on a huge variety of conservation projects. Some species I have carried ringing research on includes Storm Petrel, Manx Shearwater, Golden Plover, Woodcock, Chough, Dipper, Nightjar and Hawfinch.

I use a Nikon D300 as my standard camera model along with a variety of lenses including sigma 170mm-1500mm F5.6, a 70mm-300mm F3.6. Apart from bird photography I have a big interest in photographing landscapes and also insect macro photography.

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