Monday, 26 February 2018

INDIA 2018

After spending a fantastic two weeks birding in North India with Asian Adventures exploring some of the most beautiful landscapes and wildlife abundant rich national parks and reserves in India, I have finally got around to sorting out more images. Here's a selection of mixed images of some of the highlighted species from India. Over 424 species recorded in total during the two weeks. Personal highlights, Himalayan Rubythroat, Orange-flanked Bush Robin, Golden Bush Robin, Red-billed Blue Magpie, Brown Fish Owl, Indian Skimmers, Black Francolin, Collared Falconet.
Hope you enjoy the images and I will post more from my travels across North India

West Dorset Yellowhammers

Came across a flock of 16 Yellowhammers at an undisclosed site in West Dorset. A real treat to see so many Yellowhammers considering their rarity in Farmland in Dorset. I've have only seen a handful of Yellowhammers at other mid-Dorset sites including on my local patches at Charmouth and Sherborne in recent months.The Yellowhammers were part of a large flock of 40+ Chaffinch also holding single Brambling, 2 Corn Buntings and 10+ House Sparrows.

Adult male Yellowhammer
Female Yellowhammer


Took a visit over to Weymouth to have a look for the Ross's Gull that has been present around Weymouth Bay. With no joy at Ferrybridge, headed to Lodmoor and Weymouth Pier where report came in late morning that the bird had dropped in at Radipole RSPB. A quick dash there, saw over 200+ other birders present watching the Ross's. It showed from the visitor centre & footbridge on the nearby island, giving crippling close up views. My 2nd in the UK, following one in South Wales at Aberavon, Glamorgan which was a 1st winter bird. Ross's are such an exquisite, beautiful and dainty little gull and is at the top of my list as my favourite Gull species. After watching the bird for 30-40 mins, it flew back down river out towards Weymouth Bay and returned to Radipole 2hours later.

After stunning views of the Gull, headed to Lodmoor RSPB nearby and had 2 Glaucous Gulls, 2 Spoonbills(1 colour ringed bird from Netherlands), 20+ Snipe, 6 Ruff, 1 Avocet and pair of Marsh Harriers.

A superb days birding and already top species of the year so far!! What else will 2018 bring........