Thursday, 7 April 2016

Trip to Slough

Last week took a short trip to Slough for bit of birding and exploring of a new area I have never been too. With so many lakes, reservoirs, wetland habitat and dense woodland it is hard to believe that all this amazing wildlife if right on the doorstep of London City, Heathrow airport and busy motorways.
I visited a few locations including Black Park, Langley Park and Stocker's Lake all located with the Colyn Valley of Buckinghamshire and Hertfordshire.

Weather was perfect for the few days and with many sightings of spring migrants such as Swallows, Blackcap, Willow Warbler and Chiffchaff I was hoping to catch up on some migrants in the area.
Over the few day's I had some great views of many Ring-necked Parakeets, Red Kites, Goshawk, Buzzard, Blackcaps and Swallows were quite abundant.
Highlight of the trip was finding a superb male Lesser spotted Woodpecker drumming on an Oak Tree at Stocker's lake.

Black Park turned up some great birds including displaying Goshawk, nest building Red Kites, dozens of Mandarin Duck, Green Woodpeckers, Woodlark, Willow Warbler, Jays and a Hobby. There was plenty of birds in full song, Thrushes carrying nesting material, drumming woodpeckers and displaying raptors soaring on the thermals. The heathland at black park despite been over run by public visitors shows great potential in May for watching hawking Hobbies, Dartford Warbler and Green Woodpeckers on the Ant Mounds.

Male Blackcap's in full song now

Ring-necked Parakeet at Langley park

Tame Jay allowing close up views

Stunning Great crested Grebe at Stocker's Lake
It was a fantastic few days and I even managed to see and photograph (record shot wise) of a Muntjac Deer, plenty of Roe Deer around and baby Rabbits.
Easter Bunny :)

Record shot of male Muntjac. Check out the small tusk like teeth

Both parks were spectacular for watching soaring raptor's. Here are a few images of Buzzards, Kestrel, Goshawk and Red Kite. The area is also great for Ospreys, Sparrowhawk, Hobby, Harriers and  the off chance of a rare raptor!!

Buzzard ( pale phase type)


Red Kite

Looking forward to the next time I return to do birding in the Slough area. Full of potential with some great wildlife!!

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